Elite escort agency competition is good for us

Elite escort agency competition is good for us


A couple of days ago, I got myself involved in a discussion about escorts on the forum of an elite escort agency. Some of the people there were bothered by the fact that high class escorting wasn’t as exclusive as it was “back in the day”.

They reminisced that “back in the day”, they had to go through a serious amount of effort to find a good elite escort agency and that this made the payoff even better. One guy said that the difficultness of penetrating this world made it even more worthwhile, as you felt that you have to work for it and felt even better when you finally got to spend time with your elite courtesan. And while I can respect this opinion, I can hardly agree to it.

Elite escort agency competition is amazing


I think that, for elite escort lovers, things have never been better, and it is precisely because this world has opened up to more and more people. Sure, there are more clients to satisfy, but there are also many more agencies and many more escorts available. You can pick a girl from any part of the world and you’ll be able to meet her in like an hour. However, even though diversity is an important advantage of the world we live in, there’s plenty more to talk about.

Because there are more models and more agencies, I feel that the level of quality of services has increased, while prices have actually gone down. And this is a consequence of market competition in every environment. Today, you don’t have to work hard to find an elite escort agency. Instead, the elite escort agency has to work hard for you to find it and pick a model from its ranks. Thus, you don’t have to pay thousands of pounds for mediocre services. You don’t have to spend hours upon hours going through newspaper ads and all that, just to come up empty handed.

In the world of today, elite escort lovers pay less, for more, and I think this is an advantage that everyone should appreciate. However, I’m curious to hear your thoughts on the matter. Do you think that the elite escort agency world was better 20 or 30 years ago than it is today? If yes, I’d really like to know why you think that!

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